Crash-Rated Security Post and Cable Fencing

When you need a high-security fence, you expect quality, durability, ease of installation, flexibility and choice of fencing, at a great value! Our post and cable security fences are suitable for all types of projects. When you need to increase your perimeter security, turn to Atlas Security Products for our line of the post and cable security fence products. Crash-rated cable fence and anti-ram fence products can also deter breaches by vehicular methods.

This post and cable fencing is a crash rated fence that is designed to stop a 15,000 lb vehicle traveling at 50mph. This makes it among the best security cable fences on the market. When you need anti-ram barriers or metal security fences, these have the force protection needed to keep high risk locations safe from vehicle attack. 

Whether you are protecting a public building and need an anti-ram vehicle barrier, or protecting a private corporation and need crash rating safety from a cable railing system, these post and cable/rail fences are perfect. They are even a great solution for protecting outdoor areas. Crash ratings for the cable railing system are available from PU30 to M30/K4 to M50/12.

In a world that is increasingly unsafe, both from vehicle attacks targeting pedestrians as well as vehicles that may be carrying explosives to target buildings, fence post cables from Atlas Barriers have the stopping power you need. 

M50/P1 (K12) Post and Cable/Rail Fences

Security Fencing Product Description:

Post and cable or post and rail fence that is crash tested certified to ASTM M50 (K12) with P1 (L3) rating and engineered certified M50/P2, M50/P3, M40/P1, M40/P2, M40/P3, M30/P1, M30/P2 and M30/P3 rating.

Posts (end and line) are installed at 16′ on centers for P1 (L3) penetrations requirements.

Security Fencing Product Specification:

  • Foundation: 36″ diameter 96″ deep for end post and 24″ diameter 96″ deep for line post
  • Number of Cables: 3 each
  • Post Height: 48″ (1220 mm)
  • Post Spacing: 64′ (19.5 m) end-end post, 16′ (4.9 m) line-line posts for M50/P1
  • Crash Rating: M50 (15,000 lbs at 50 m/h – 6,800 kg at 80 km/h, equivalent to DOS K12)

Crash-Rated Fencing Designed with The Customer in Mind

Our products are designed with the installer in mind with standard accessories to keep your installation hassles and time to a minimum. Our high-quality posts and rails are crafted to keep delivery times down and make installation simple and easy for contractors. Based in Maryland, Atlas provides products throughout the world.

Contact ATLAS at 866-472-8527 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our high-security fencing.