ATLAS Security Products Inc (ATLAS) is a designer and manufacturer of perimeter security products.

Atlas Barriers designs and manufactures the safety and security barriers that will prevent both involuntary collisions and intentional attacks. With anti-ram barriers, vehicle barriers for buildings, retractable security barriers, and vehicle barrier posts, we are positioned to keep your building or location secure.

Vehicle crash barriers prevent unwanted vehicle collisions (whether intentional or not). And hostile vehicle mitigation barriers are produced specifically to negate the efforts of bad actors from causing damage and bodily harm.

In today’s world, we know all too well that there is a need for security measures for both public and private locations. These barriers can be either active barriers that allow limited or controlled access and fixed barriers to deny all access for security.

While there is no way to predict all attacks, security measures like steel bollards, fences, and plate barriers serve to discourage and stop potential violent attacks.

Our products are designed to save lives, and we take that very seriously.

Products and Services Offered By Atlas Security Products Inc

Perimeter Security Products

Atlas has a full line of products including Bollards, Post & Cable Fences, Plate/Wedge Barriers and Portable Barriers to meet ASTM F2656, ASTM F3016, DOS and other crash testing requirements.

Product Development

Atlas will design new products and modify any existing products to meet customer specific needs.

Security Surveys

Atlas can provide surveys and design services including risk assessments which includes identifying potential threats & vulnerabilities. It also includes establishing acceptable levels of risk, and protection required. Atlas can also provide Preliminary and Final design to include 3D renderings, barrier selection, and temporary solution recommendations until final protection is in place.

Product Installation

Atlas can assist in all phases of the construction process and provide approved contractors. We can also assist/train your contractor to install Atlas products.

  • Shallow Mount
  • Deep Mount
  • ASTM M50 (DOS K12)
  • ASTM M40 (DOS K8)
  • ASTM M30 (DOS K4)
  • ASTM F3016
  • Dummy Bollards
  • Bollard Covers
  • Post and Cable Fence
  • Post and Rail Fence
  • ASTM M50 (DOS K12)
  • ASTM M30 (DOS K4)
  • Surface Mounted Plate Barriers
  • Retractable & Folding Bollards
  • Wedge Barriers
  • US Marshals Service Rates